moulin à ouïr

electronic instrument conceived by alexis baskind, denis charolles and elsa biston. performances and workshops by the musiques à ouïr company.

aaa live

andreas willers, axel dörner achim kaufmann, "aaa live", recorded live in munich, october 25, 2012, mixed and mastered by alexis baskind


intricacies: paul hubweber, frank paul schubert, alexander von schlippenbach, clayton thomas, willi kellers. recorded and mixed by alexis baskind

l’enfant et les sortilèges

the work from maurice ravel and colette, version for choir, solo singers, harp, accordion, woodwinds, ondes martenot, percussions, trombone and electronics.


performed by frank paul schubert, johannes bauer, andreas willers and willi kellers. mixing and mastering by alexis baskind.

l’ouïe neuf

studio album, music performed by the grande campagnie des musiques à ouïr - produced by denis charolles and alexis baskind

solo pas solo

live music performance by denis charolles (drums, percussions, watering can, pebbles, trombone, guitar,...), live electronics by alexis baskind